Woonsocket Auto Salvage strives to provide its valued customers with the highest quality used and new auto parts.  All mechanical parts are sold with a standard 30 day warranty.  We also offer 60 day, 90 day or 6 month extended warranties if you choose. Electrical items are only sold if their functionality is witnessed in the salvage vehicle by our inventory specialists, however, electrical items are sold as-is and are not covered by any warranty.  Warranties are provided to the original purchaser and are not transferable.  The warranty period begins on the date of purchase as noted on the invoice, not the installation date.  In order to insure satisfaction with your purchase you must adhere to the following terms and conditions as they apply to your purchase, failure to do so will void the warranty.

Engines: Warranty is limited to defects in the block, cylinder heads, pistons, crankshafts, camshafts, rockers and oil pumps. All other parts on the engine (i.e. water pump, sensors, wire harnesses, hoses, intake and exhaust manifolds, etc) that may have been provided are for convenience and are not covered by the warranty. All engines will have a heat tab installed at the time of delivery. If this heat tab is distorted, melted, tampered with or removed we will assume the engine has been overheated and the warranty is void. It is the customers responsibility to make sure the vehicle's cooling system is operating properly prior to the installation of a replacement engine. Engines are delivered with all fluids drained to the best of our ability. New OEM approved fluids and filters must be used at the time of installation and proper air bleeding instructions followed.  Oil and filter changes must be performed and documented every 3,000 miles.  Proper installation is the customer's responsibility - an improperly installed engine  voids the warranty.

Transmissions: It is the customers responsibility to properly flush the transmission cooler lines and perform a flow test to make sure all foreign debris has been cleared. Any externally accessible components (i.e. speed sensors, modulators, seals, etc) are not covered under warranty and are only provided for the customer's convenience. Transmission failure due to the neglect of a failed component will void the warranty. Transmissions are drained of fluid to the best of our ability. New OEM approved fluid and filter must be used at the time of installation and proper filling techniques followed. Some transmissions require the differential to be filled in addition to the transmission. All necessary adjustments must be made prior to test driving after installation especially in transmissions where a detent cable is used to control fluid pressures in the transmission. (i.e. GM 700R4 and Ford AOD units) Proper installation is the customer's responsibility - an improperly installed transmission voids the warranty.

We do not certify that the mileage indicated on a vehicle's odometer is the exact mileage on the part you purchase, it may have been previously replaced. We reserve the right to replace failed parts with parts that may have equal or greater mileage.

All sheet metal/body panels are sold as-is when delivered.

A restock fee of 25% or $25, whichever is greater, will apply to all returned items. Special Order items are not returnable. Special order items are those that are removed per order, or ordered in from another parts supplier.

Under no circumstance will Woonsocket Auto Salvage be responsible for charges occurred due to a failed part, including, but not limited to, collateral damage, towing, storage & labor.


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